Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy is a health care profession that specifically addresses the musculoskeletal system. Our Certified Athletic Therapist specializes in the following services:


· Movement Analysis and Reconditioning,helping you use proper exercise posture, safety, and technique when performing activity and helping you carry over these concepts into your daily functional activity.

· Muscle Activation and Recruitment,in order to prevent muscle atrophy and compensatory movements that can be harmful to you over time.

· Myofascia Release Therapy, a therapeutic manual technique that stretches the soft tissues of your body by using sustained manual pressure, helping your muscles activate properly during movement and decreasing symptoms of pain.

· Concussion/TBI Management, helping to limit concussion symptoms using manual techniques and guided exercise integration.


Do you want get rid of persisting muscle pain? Are you looking for the appropriate exercise program to get your strength back? Try Athletic Therapy at Physio Go today. It’s time to move better and feel better!