Work Hardening

The work hardening or interdisciplinary functional capacities development program is offered to clients that have had difficulties or faced important obstacles when having tried to return to work following an injury.

Because this program has a global intervention approach, the interdisciplinary team is composed of many health care professionals that work together to help provide optimal care to the client. Our interdisciplinary team consists of a doctor, a physical & occupational therapist, a physical therapy technician, a kinesiologist and a psychologist.

Following the client’s initial assessment, a personalized program that is tailored to the client’s personal and professional needs is developed with the client.

During the work hardening program, the client could benefit from other services that are offered in and outside the clinic. These include a job site evaluation, postural hygiene training, work hardening, general strengthening, functional capacity testing at the worksite, an evaluation to help asses possible functional limitations and the development of a supervised return to work schedule.

If you’ve had difficulty returning to work following an injury and you feel you can be helped by means of a work hardening program, don’t wait, call the the Physio Go clinic and let our team of experienced professionals help improve your condition and help you get you back to work.