Massage therapy

Massage Therapy is a treatment approach that has been practiced around the world for centuries and is part of the natural alternative médecines.
There are various forms of massage therapy, including relaxation massage, which helps reduce stress and improve energy, therapeutic massage, often used to improve muscle and joint pain, sports massage, used to maximize strength and prevent injury and pregnancy massage, which helps improve circulation and decrease pain associated with pregnancy.
Massage Therapy has other numerous positive benefits on your general health as well. Many studies have shown its significant positive impact on the physical as well as the psychological aspect of one’s self. Massage therapy helps restore equilibrium to one’s central nervous system, helps improve restorative sleep, tension headaches, stress management and helps improve overall energy and health.
Massage therapy is also an effective treatment for many muscular and skeletal injuries because it often helps improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and spasms, joint stiffness and chronic pain.
If you are suffering from a condition that can be helped by massage therapy treatment, don’t wait, call the Physio Go clinic and you will be seen by one of our experienced and professional massage therapists.