Naturopathic treatment is an alternative medicine approach that focuses on the strengthening the body’s self-healing natural mechanisms. The treatment’s goal is to stimulate and build up your body’s defence mechanism. This way, your body can naturally fight against what it is that is causing your problem rather than only treating the symptoms that are created by the pathogens that can attack your body, like germs and/or bacteria.
Naturopathic treatment is aimed on assessing and improving the physical and psychological aspects of your body, as well as improving your overall life habits and practices, such eating, sleeping, etc. By simple and natural means, the naturopath uses treatment methods that are readily available to you and are not, in anyway, harmful to your health.
Treatment may include the following modalities: aromatherapy, nutrition modification, massage therapy, stress management techniques and phytotherapy, which uses plant derived medicines to help your body heal.
If you are suffering from a condition that can be helped by naturopathic treatment, don’t wait, call the the Physio Go clinic and you will be seen by our experienced and caring Naturapath, who is also a member of the Federation of Alternative Medicine.