Manual Therapy with a Global Approach
Osteopathy is a therapy that aims to restore the functionality of all structures and systems of the human body. It helps to optimize the body’s natural self-healing capacity.

Osteopathy assesses the complete body to find the source of the complaint, sometimes far from the pain zone.

Gentle and precise manipulations
Through palpation, the therapist locates the points of tension which are often the origin of the pain zones. These neat manipulations help loosen up and restore mobility of the affected areas.

A relief from many ailments
Osteopathy relieves a multitude of ailments and disorders, such as: headaches, digestive disorders, joint pain, back pain, loss of sleep, general fatigue, menstrual pain and more.

Meeting with your therapist
At your first meeting, your therapist will ask questions about your general health, your medical history and the reason for your consultation. With this information, the issues at hand will better be targeted and hence develop a personalized treatment plan.

Osteopathy is for:
– children
– adults
– seniors
– athletes
– pregnant women
– newborns *

* Several complications at birth can lead to the following disorders: plagiocepgaly (flat head syndrome), digestive pains, difficulty swallowing, crying and ear pain.

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