About us

The Physio Go clinic offers a variety of therapy and medical services to help improve your condition. Our professional services include physical and occupational therapy, psychology, osteopathy, athletic therapy or training, acupuncture, massage therapy, naturopathy, kinesiology, work hardening programs (or second line treatment) and follow-up medical services. The clinic can also assist you with your medical records.


At the Physio Go clinic, we treat patients that suffer from a variety of injuries and accidents. These can include work related accidents (CNESST), motor vehicle or other road accidents (SAAQ), sports related injuries and other types muscular & skeletal injuries that can unfortunately occur.


The Physio Go clinic is located inside the Metro-Monk Medical Centre, where you have access to a medical team comprised of many doctors, general practitioners and other medical specialists who offer a variety of medical services. The medical center’s emergency medical walk in clinic is open every day of the week. All medical visits with the doctor are covered by the Quebec Health Insurance Plan (Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec – RAMQ). Our clients also have the option to be followed by the doctor at the Physio Go clinic if they wish.


At the Physio Go clinic, we take the time to explain our treatment approach to our patients. This way, you can feel comfortable during your treatment sessions with your qualified health care professional, allowing you to actively participate in your rehabilitation and healing process and get better.


Our qualified team of health care professionals are here to help you regardless of the source of your injury. Our highest priority is our patient’s health, wellness and providing our patients with excellent client satisfaction.


At the Physio Go clinic, you will receive high quality attentive care so we can get you feeling better fast and get back to doing all the activities you want and love to do. When needed, rest assured, the Physio Go clinic is here to help you. Make sure to call us today for your appointment.